The T-Pot™ - storage instructions

The method of storing a T-Pot described in this section applies to both the Open-sided models (MA840, MA640 & MA440) and the 2 or 4-Door models (MA860, MA660 & MA460)

Step 1

Place the T-Pot on the ground or flat surface. Hold the top hub between the first and second finger on one hand and push the top of the lower hub with the thumb. Use the other thumb to help exert a downward force on one of the stainless steel links to unlock the hubs. Caution: The T-Pot is spring loaded at this stage. Hold the T-Pot tightly whilst decoupling the hubs to prevent it springing upwards and causing injury.

Step 2

Keep the T-Pot semi-deployed by holding the top plastic hub in one hand whilst the holding hauling rope in the other to prevent the base netting from getting snagged to the legs. Hold the T-Pot upside down.

Step 3

Fold all four legs together and wrap excess netting around them fairly tightly to make it compact.

Step 4

Wrap the hauling rope around the folded T-Pot starting from the leg end. Wind the rope along the entire length to make it tight and compact.

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