The T-Pot™ - extension of hauling rope

The diameter of the hole on the plastic hub for attaching the hauling rope is 3.3mm and it is designed to accommodate any robe up to a diameter of 3mm. The use of a PE rope is recommended for its high breaking strength, abrasion resistance and stiffness.

Step 1

Cut one end of the hauling rope at an angle of approximately 45 degrees to form a pointed end for easy threading through the eye of the hub.

Step 2

Deploy the T-Pot. Thread the rope through the eye with a screwing movement opposite in direction to the twist of the rope. When the rope has protruded at the other end, use a pair of long nose pliers to grip and pull it through the hole. Burn the end to prevent fraying.

Step 3

Pull sufficient length of rope through the hole and close the T-Pot. Adjust the length of the rope and leave about 15cm at the free end.

Step 4  

Tie a double bowline knot. First, make a double loop on the main line and thread the free end through both loops. Take the free around the main line and back through the loops. Pull both the main line and free end simultaneously to tighten the knot.

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