The T-Pot™ - Modes of crabbing using a t-pot

Generally, crabbing using a pot/trap can be classified into four modes and the T-Pot is designed for all of them.

Kayak Crabbing

Kayak crabbing is only suitable for water that is safe from predator like crocodiles or very strong tidal currents. Being small, light, quiet and easy to control, a kayak is ideal for crabbing in coastal waters or reaching into small mangrove creeks where large crabs inhibit and where submerged bushes and branches post a danger to boat propellers. With good maneuverability, a kayak crabber can approach a crab pot with stealth therefore both models of the T-Pot – open-sided and enclosed – are suitable for kayak crabbing.

Note: It is impractical and unsafe to try tying a crab on board a kayak therefore having a cooler box with ice to calm down the crabs is essential. Alternatively, a bucket filled with leaves will also be effective.

Jetty Crabbing

Jetty crabbing is the most convenient form of crabbing where the crabber does not need to contemplate with muddy shoes or wet clothes. The firm and flat structure makes launching and retrieving the pots easy. Both models of the T-Pot are suitable for jetty crabbing.

Boat Crabbing

Boat crabbing is a highly relaxing and enjoyable activity. Boat crabbers have the advantage of reaching areas that are not accessible to non-boat owners and this usually translates into higher yield for the crabbing trip. As space is a premium on board a boat, the T-Pots are therefore perfectly suited for boat crabbing.

A bundle of 10-Pots can be stowed under the floor thus reserving the space for people. Unless the boat is perfectly controlled on the approach to a pot, the noise from the outboard motor as well as the waves and wake created may cause a crab to retreat from feeding in an open-sided T-Pot (MA840, MA640 or MA440) therefore the enclosed T-Pots (MA860, MA660 or MA460) are more suitable for boat crabbing.

Estuary Crabbing

Crabbing from the bank of estuaries can be a dedicated activity or combined with a fishing trip. The compact sizes of the T-Pots make them easy to carry in the hand or in a backpack. Both models of the T-Pot are suitable for estuary crabbing.

And since the crabber is able to approach a pot with stealth, the open-sided model is particularly suited for crabbing from the banks. It gives the crabber continuous fun as he is able to check the pots frequently since crabs can access the pot easily from any direction at any time.

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