The T-Pot™ - releasing catch from a t-pot

The following method of releasing a catch is applicable to only MA860, MA680 and MA460 as they are enclosed pots.

Step 1
Hold the T-Pot firmly at the hub and bounce the catch to make sure it rolls freely in the pot or until it releases its grip on the nettings. Sometimes the hind swimming leg may get caught in the mesh so use the finger to dislodge it but be careful to approach it from the back of the crab.

Note: It will make releasing the crab a lot easier if it is bounced up and down and able to roll freely on the floor netting. These actions usually disorientate the crab and also causing it to fold up its claws and legs close to its body thus allowing it to roll through the lifted overlapping door in one swift action.
Step 2

When the crab rolls freely in the T-Pot, tilt the pot to move it to the opening of the overlapping release door.

Note: Keep bouncing and shaking the crab through out the process to prevent it from gripping the net again. Stopping the movement will alert the crab to react by grabbing anything that is near it.

Step 3

Put a hand through the opposite entrance and lift up the top layer of the base netting whilst letting the crab roll through the gap between the two layers of net. Tilt the T-Pot at an angle to empty the crab into a bucket or cooler box.

Note 1: If there is a chance that the crab’s claw may reach the hand lifting the net (if it is a big crab), do not insert hand through the entrance. Instead, put the fingers through the wall netting below the entrance from the outside and likewise lift up the base netting.

Note 2: To create more slack and hence a bigger gap between the base nettings for the crab to slip through the opening, anchor the two fore legs of the T-Pot to the two elbows whilst pulling the top layer net hard towards yourself.


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