The T-Pot™ - ma260

NOW, we have a T-Pot for your Tackle Box!

Have you ever wished you had a crab pot with you whilst fishing when the tide condition feels just “right” for crabbing? Such impulsive crabbing can also occur during a fishing trip when you caught a fish that is not too palatable for dinner and therefore wished to exchange it with some delicious crabs instead.

Well, now we have our new range of a fully collapsible crab pot called the T-Pot MA240 and T-Pot MA260 that can fit into a large tackle box*. They can become part of your regular fishing gears and be used for crabbing during an otherwise dedicated fishing trip.

* Tackle box with at least 40cm length and non-compartmented.

Like the open-sided model, the enclosed MA260 fits easily in most tackle boxes. It has a folded length of 39cm and widest diameter of 4.5cm.

The T-Pot MA260 comes in a 2-Door or 4-Door configuration to suit the local fishery regulation.

The 42cm x 42cm base and a height of 22cm provide an enclosed space big enough to house a large muddy comfortably. Attached is a photo that shows a female muddy that was attracted into the prototype MA260 during one of the trails at a creek.

To offset the limited flexing of the shorter stainless steel legs during the releasing of a catch, the over-lapping opening has been increased to double mesh width. This feature provides extra slack at the base netting therefore ensuring the crab exits the door as easily as the other larger T-Pot models.

The MA260 will probably give you one crab at a time, however, a second, more ferocious crab that comes along may force its way into the pot to take over the food and then you will end with a double instead.

Model: T-Pot MA260

Enclosed 2 or 4-Door Pot suitable for Mud crabs, Blue swimmers, Dungeness crabs and Blue crabs. The small size is ideal for storage in the tackle box.

Deployed Dimension:
(Length x Width x Height)

42cm x 42cm x 22cm

Folded Dimension:
(Length x Diameter)
39cm x 4.5 cm
Netting Mesh: 60mm @ 21-ply
Un-weighted weight: 0.22kg
Structure: Stainless steel rods with UV stabilized plastic hubs
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