The T-Pot™ - deploying instructions

The method of deploying a T-Pot described in this section applies to both the Open-sided models (MA840, MA640 & MA440) and the 2 or 4-Door models(MA860, MA660 & MA460)

Step 1
Unwrap hauling rope by letting T-Pot roll on the ground whilst pulling the free end (or with the float attached).

Step 2

Hold the plastic hub in one hand whilst loosening the netting in an upside down position.

This is to ensure the base netting does not get snagged to any of the four legs.

Step 3
Position the T-Pot upright with legs resting on the ground or flat surface.

Step 4

Hold top plastic hub firmly with one hand and pull the hauling rope with the other until both top and bottom hubs are locked together.

Remember to pull rope vertically so that the top and bottom hubs are in line with the pulling force.

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