The T-Pot™ - retrievAL SPEED

The hauling rope of the T-Pot is attached to a point along its center of gravity and that ensures good balance during the retrieval. The low center of gravity from a broad-base design, looped weight stoppers to keep added weights near the base and centrally placed bait remove the sea-sawing effect that is found in most traditional pots.

Enclosed model – MA860, MA660 and MA460

The entry doors of enclosed T-Pots are designed to open up when a crab steps on the ramp area in front of the entrance and close back once it enters the pot. As such, crabs are unlikely to escape once they are inside therefore the retrieval speed can be slow and steady. A retrieval speed that is comfortable to the retriever’s arms is also one that does not over strain the T-Pot structure.

Open-sided model – MA840, MA640 and MA440

The open-sided T-Pots are essentially a 4-door design that allows the crab to enter and leave freely. Besides satisfying certain regulatory requirements, this feature also allows the crabber to check the pot more frequently. Like the enclosed model, it also has a low center of gravity that keeps the pot balanced during retrieval.

During the retrieval, the drag created by the centrally positioned bait and the crab and, the flexing of the four stainless steel legs together with the low walls form a deep net that prevents the catch from escaping. To achieve these characteristics which are particularly important to keep the catch in the pot even at angle, the open-sided T-Pot must be retrieved at a constant speed that maintains tension in the rope at all times. Any slackening in rope tension during the process will give the catch a chance to escape.


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