Photo Gallery

  This berried female was caught in November 2005 using a prototype model of the Collapsible Lift Net. Weighing 650g, it was released after it was weighed and some pictures taken.   This 600g orange scylla olivacea mud crab was caught together with a green female scylla paramamosain in the same T-Pot™  
  This 700g male scylla paramamosain with a broken left pincer was caught in a mangrove stream by a T-Pot™.   The same male from photo on the left in a T-Pot™.  
  This 550g female was caught in the same T-Pot™ with the orange scylla olivacea as shown in photo 2. It was heavily berried and was released back to a mangrove swamp.   Another green female mud crab caught using a T-Pot™. It weighs 580g.  
  This one-armed purple scylla traquebarica male was caught using a T-Pot™. Its right pincer was probably damaged by a hook that also left its right flipper partially broken. It weighed 620g.   Rigging a kayak for crabbing using the T-Pots is easy. Here ten T-Pots fit neatly in the cargo area of the kayak  
  With the 10 T-Pots in the rear, the space in the kayak’s cabin is free for other accessories. The T-Pot™ makes crabbing from kayaks a breeze.   These two were caught is the same T-Pot™ that was baited with a piece of oily pilchard. Together they weighed 1200g.  
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