The T-Pot™ was invented by a kayak crabbing enthusiast called Teo and hence it is called the ‘Teo-Pot’ or T-Pot™ for short. It took over two years of research & development including the testing for effectiveness and reliability before full-scale production commenced.

The T-Pot™ was originally designed to overcome the problem of outfitting a kayak for crabbing using traditional collapsible pots.

Unlike a traditional crab pot, the T-Pot™ has no fixed frame and it folds down to a stick therefore, making it a truly ‘fully collapsible’ crab pot. They can be packed into a backpack, stowed away in a caravan compartment, in the car booth or under the boat floor.

Each T-Pot™ is carefully made with high quality stainless steel rods and UV stabilised plastic hubs to prolong the product life and which we hope will help conserve the world’s limited natural resources.

Thank you for visiting and we hope the T-Pot™ gives you the pleasure of crabbing with such ease that you never get from other traditional crab pots.

Happy Crabbing!

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