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The T-Pot™ was invented by a kayak crabbing enthusiast called Teo and hence it is called the ‘Teo-Pot’ or T-Pot™ for short. It took over two years of research & development including the testing for effectiveness and reliability before full-scale production commenced.

The T-Pot™ was originally designed to overcome the problem of outfitting a kayak for crabbing using traditional collapsible pots. Be it a single or double sitter kayak, the cargo space is usually too small to accommodate traditional crab pots. However, the research and development of the T-Pot has evolved to include many more unique design features that make it ideal for other modes of crabbing such as by boat, from a kayak, jetty or banks of estuaries.


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T-POT's Unique Features

1. Fully Collapsible

Unlike a traditional crab pot, the T-Pot has no fixed frame and it folds down to baton size and that makes it a truly ‘fully collapsible crab pot. They can be packed into a backpack, stowed away in a caravan compartment, in the car booth or under the floor of boats.

2. Quick Deployment

Unwrapping the hauling rope is done quickly by letting the T-Pot roll on the floor of a boat or on the ground. There are no props to set up, no latching of the doors and not even the need to attach hauling rope to the pot for each crabbing trip. All it takes is a leisurely few seconds to set up the T-Pot for crabbing.

3. Quick Storage

Preparing the T-Pot for storage is as simple as it is to set it up. The stale bait can be removed whilst it is in a deployed position. The T-Pot can be collapsed, nettings wrapped around its four legs and the hauling rope wound along the entire length within seconds.

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